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The Matrix ActiveX Component (MaXC) was developed when we realized that we needed a good Matrix Math Library that would do the “dirty work” of mathematical computations. When we tried to find a ready-made solution for this need, we realized that such tools were either mainframe-based Fortran or C libraries, or feature-poor versions that were unreasonably priced.

For such a simple thing as matrix algebra, we could not find a lightweight solution that would run effectively on a PC, and thus decided to develop such a tool in-house.

This tool, the Matrix Active X Component (MaXC), was formally released in January of this year. MaXC already achieved recognition among mathematicians and engineers for being an easy to use, robust and scaleable tool for mathematical computations in application development.

The Birth of a Revelation

Prior to founding the company, Bluebit's principal engineer, Trifon Triantafillidis, worked in the programming field, developing customized applications for companies in the fields of data mining, ERP and in operational optimization. Along the way, he discovered deficiencies in the use of using neural networks for optimization programming and concluded that more deterministic methods were more appropriate in real world use, therefore turning to Multivariate Non-Linear Regression models, those combined with Principal Component Analysis.

This revelation has completely changed our perspective in programming, and has prompted us to embark upon a new vision, which is to create a major tool for Trifon's original target (Multivariate Non-Linear Regression combined with Principal Component Analysis).

A Glimpse of the Future

Imagine an input of chaotic data entered in a black box. Inside this box, the data relations are discovered, the mathematical formulas representing those relations exported. The black-box user is just receiving the results. Needs to know nothing about the complex math needed to uncover the hidden relations.

This leads to self learning systems -> expert systems -> artificial intelligence. In this scenario, any programmer could use pre-made black boxes (components) to incorporate some form of expertise and AI in his application, as simply as one can incorporate vbscript in an ASP web page today.

Contacting Bluebit Software

Our technical support line is always open. If you have a question or need assistance with the Matrix Active X Component, please email to: support@bluebit.gr