License types of .NET Matrix Library
License types of NML

The Bluebit .NET Matrix Library is made available under the following license types:

Developer License

A developer license is not locked to a specific machine and grants you a royalty-free license to redistribute the NML as part of your application. In order to enable your application to use the NML, you need to copy the license file (*.LIC) into the same directory as your executable file. You can redistribute this (*.LIC) license file together with your executables along with the DLL File named 'Bluebit.MatrixLibrary.dll' which contains the NML's functionality.

Obtaining a Developer License

Please visit the pricing and order page for .NET Matrix Library. After the purchase process is complete, within a few minutes, you will receive a temporary single machine license via email. This temporary file will allow you to use the NML immediately with your project.

Next you will need to send us your public key token of the signing key that is used to sign your assemblies via email. We will use this key to generate a license that is bound to this key and email your permanent *.LIC license file back to you. This license will restrict the use of NML to your assemblies only (assemblies having the specific public key token).

(To find out about signing keys, strong names and how to sign assemblies please refer to Visual Studio .NET documentation under the title "Creating and Using Strong-Named Assemblies")

Site License

A purchase of a license for 5 developer seats is considered as a Site License. This type of license allows all developers of a company to install and use the product on unlimited number of computers within a single building. In the same way as with a  Developer License, NML can be redistributed to an unlinited number of end-user machines.

Obtaining a Site License

Please visit the pricing and order page and purchase a license for 5 developer seats. Then follow the same steps as described above in the Developer License section.

Single Machine License

A single machine license grants you the right to use the .NET Matrix Library on a single computer only. Select this license if you plan to run the application you have developed using the NML on your development machine only and you do not intend to redistribute it.

After this license is activated, you can make copies of the *.LIC license file and use it with any of your projects that use the NML. To use the license file, place the *.LIC file in the same folder as your executable that uses the NML (this will usually be the /bin directory of your Visual Basic or C# project). You will not be able to redistribute this license since it is only valid for the machine that has been issued for.

Obtaining a Single Machine License

Please visit the pricing and order page for .NET Matrix Library. After the purchase process is complete, within a few minutes, a *.LIC license file will be sent to you via email.

Time Limited - Trial License

This is the same as the Single Machine License, except it has an expiration date. This license will last for 30 days providing full functionality of the software during the trial period.